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Bonding agents, hardeners, cleaning agents and solventsBonding agents ensure perfect bonding to the plastic surface

Bonding agents or primers are used in the plastics processing industry when there is inadequate wetting of the surface. The appropriate bonding agent ensures chemical bonding to the two materials to be bonded and thus enables high-quality bonding.Hardeners, cleaning agents and solventsWhile hardeners or cross-linking agents give strength to the adhesive by chemical reaction, cleaning agents and solvents make their contribution to the cleaning of the adhesive preparation systems and applicator units.

The solvents are used as thinners or volatile second components in solvent-containing adhesives.

This bonding agent is particularly suitable for window profile wrapping and, together with novima.therm 442R and novima.therm 443R, is certified to RAL-GZ 716.

PropertiesContains solvent
Low VOC content
not burning
Certified in combination with novima.therm 442R and novima.therm 443R (RAL-GZ 716)
ApplicationWindow parts
UsesProfile wrapping
Coating materialPVC
Core materialPlastic, aluminum
Adhesive application methodVacuum application, Felt application

This UV-fluorescent bonding agent is applied immediately before the wrapping process and has proved particularly effective for window profile wrapping in combination with the PUR hot melt adhesive, novima.therm 442 and novima.therm 443RR (RAL-GZ 716).

BaseMethyl ethyl ketone
Low flammability
Certified in combination with novima.therm 442R and novima.therm 443RR (RAL-GZ 716)
UsesProfile wrapping
Coating materialPVC
Core materialPlastics, aluminum
Adhesive application methodFelt application, sprayable application

novima.add 903 has established itself as a crosslinker, especially for dispersion adhesives for 3D hot lamination with thermoplastic films on vacuum presses.

PropertiesIdeal cross-linking agent for dispersion adhesives
Second component in combination with PU
Uses3D hot lamination
Coating materialPET, PP, PVC
Core materialWood materials

Application rollers also need cleaning after processing reactive PUR hot melt adhesives, especially in "flat lamination". The perfect solution: Cleaning agent novima.add 916 as powder.

PropertiesFor cleaning application rollers in "flat lamination" (PUR hot melt adhesives)
Form: Powder
ApplicationFurniture, wall and ceiling panels
UsesProfile wrapping, surface lamination
Coating materialPET, PP, PVC, ABS